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tv   Action News at 530PM  ABC  October 18, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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they were walking to the bus stop and someone hit them. the driver is not facing any charges. a police officer is in big trouble facing charges for a second dui. officials say that he was asleep behind the wheel. first, we start with a brand-new story at 5:30 pm. >> getting the attention of your local officials is easier than ever before crime to fixing a broken sidewalk. >> yes. isabel unveils the new app that's making your neighborhoods safer. >> st. petersburg is paving the way for you to complain. and boy, do they wanted to complain. especially the sky. he will help launch the use of this app. >> it's just a better way for us to efficiently serve our
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>> the city of treasure island, pinellas park sarasota county -- >> it's as easy as taking a picture and using the phone's gps to show them where is that. >> code violations sanitation requests broken sidewalks graffiti you name it. >> they have reached record high numbers 2000 reported issues in august alone. he says it's because it's so easy. >> he literally have the power of reported issues in the palm of your hand. >> he lives in st. pete and hate -- and has used it quite a bit times. he may not have been able to report it without it. >> you see them but you don't think about calling. >> you may quickly be reporting a problem but it ends at them
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avenue and 54th st. weather has been quite a bit of alleyway dumping. >> than the city can brainstorm more permanent ways of solving it like installing community -- security commanders -- cameras. in this is the website version since the city started using this app they had received 32,000 issued reports they have six 17,000 all right. so if you don't have a smart phone that's no problem. you can still support -- report issues. just type in. now, deputies are resting a 25-year-old man for having a sexual relationship with an underage girl. derek fowler is facing 10 counts of battery. the 16-year-old girl knew him they said it started three
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called police. he is in jail on the $75,000 bond. in hernando county the sheriff wants to make sure that you know who your kids are talking to. it's a public service announcement they are watching their. this is one in seven kids are sexually solicited online. make sure that you are monitoring your kids social media accounts. you can also install parental controls. and caught tonight it has been touted largest facial unknown -- facial analysis software. it is actually taking pictures and comparing it to the pictures it has in its database. newsnight, it's claiming that that system has little oversight. georgetown law did a study saying it is searched 8000 times every month without audits to stop misuse. and please do not need of
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we reached out for a response. but as of news time we have not yet heard back. new at 5:30 pm a man accused of molesting boys of the school is going to trial. he's charged with kidnapping and sexual battery of an 11- year-old boy. they say he admitted to assaulting the way last year out right of an alternative school his attorney argued that because he is intellectually deficient that he should be kept in the juvenile justice justice system. but today, the mother asked the judge to turn down the offer pick >> i requested that he not be given rehabilitation again he be placed in prison, and kept away from other children in the community after repeat offender you don't feel like rehabilitation at this point is
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trying to molest several other boys. his trial is set for december. good afternoon. another sunny and warm day. the entire state nothing but a few isolated showers. and, maybe a few sprinkles. and, that's it. right onto the evening, and two points are still in the 60s. and we hit 91 today in sarasota. when will it end? in a few days as dry conditions continue. but we have a cold front on the way. in this evening we have very big changes arriving by friday night. we will talk about that coming up. thank you. vice president joe biden says
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organizations are getting involved in the moon shot initiative. he says he's confident new techniques will be available. he uses the hpv vaccine as an example. and, the administration still trying to get congress to -- approved money for the effort. he lost his son to brain cancer last year. a young man is lightning -- is fighting for his life. he got a kidney transplant may complete stranger. but as he battles cancer here comes the bills. ashley is taking action trying to keep it manageable even during a crisis. with this came a very public fight to see if the 23- year-old -- to save his life. >> just one thing it's another.
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stranger kind of social media to the live. but in a rare medical twist it also gave him lymphoma. and it doesn't stop there. >> after six hours of chemo he comes home. >> and now his mother is fighting to keep their home pick >> i thought the scariest thing would be the transplant and that i thought that the scariest thing was going to be cancer and now the scariest thing is my child is going through cancer every day asking me are we going to be okay where we going to go? >> and they aren't alone. it can be financially devastating. >> i spoke with a lawyer who says in this case he would recommend prioritizing paying a mortgage before medical bills because hospitals can't deny treatment based on outstanding bills. >> so, what's going to happen
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chemo and we're going to be living out of our suburban? how does this happen. >> you internalize it as your fault you should still be working if i wasn't sick. >> all this information is on our website. >> thank you. and johns hopkins children's hospital says that there are groups that provide special funding for patients many base on specific illnesses. proceeds will hopefully help him and his mother stay in their home. neptune update families of loved ones buried there make it a chance to decide what they leave out there gravesite -- gravesite. we first told you that they are enforcing an ordinance that bans items like benches and statues while the mayor said the ordinance has been in the books for several years. but some people are upset about it. they say they will now hold a
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but that date has not been decided. hundreds of jobs coming to tampa bay here, we are committed to helping you find opportunities to get a better career. the postal service will hire 400 new people across the bay area and orlando. >> it pays $12 an hour, which is four dollars higher than minimum wage. and go to the website to apply. his only four days left to do so. election officials let her cameras and as they tested their voting machines. they had employees acting as voters. to make sure that all of those machines were accurate. they do keep paper ballots keep anything -- in case anything happens. we asked about the election being rigged as donald trump
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means exactly. we have transparent open elections here in florida. >> she also emphasized that the state is thorough and checking voter registrations that come through to the health departments database. still to come, a simple purchase at a store lance this girl with dozens of bug bites. the one thing that her mom once the store to fix before happens to someone else. >> transforming a neighborhood the plan to turn this vacant lot into affordable housing. the high cost of air ambulance service has florida insurance consumer advocate searching for solutions. what she is proposing and how
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you know, it can seem nearly impossible to find a safe decent place to live that you can actually afford. so we are committed to finding ways to save. >> yes. and, that's motivation behind the new affordable housing development in clearwater. >> you can have a home -- a job and be homeless. >> he hasn't been able to scrape together enough cash for a security deposit. >> you can't afford it you can't save the money.
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that's why it's working with a local developer fudging $75,000 to build low income housing. >> even a small and somewhat mediocre house can easily rent for over $1000. so by transforming vacant lands many are hoping that housing can be much more workable. cash affordable >> our hope is that these families may one day be homeowners. >> and, having them be a part of it and it would be really wonderful. >> she and her husband just moved their congregation here and this will only further efforts to brightness part of clearwater. >> we can make it a better community. >> the developer wants to put 80 apartments here. they would have to make between 40 and 60% of the income roughly $20,000 a year or less. and, construction could begin
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difference, you know. >> thank you. swans are getting their annual checkup as part of a swan round up. it's a real thing. they gathered the birds this morning and they will check to make sure that they are healthy. they will sit in crates as they come down in tomorrow morning they will get a wellness exam. as part of the reason they need this annual checkup is because people are feeding them too much bread. swans don't eat carbs. >> too many carbs. >> [laughter] >> everyone needs to get on the train. >> that's true. and, this weekend you won't have the weather to blame.
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absolutely beautiful. not too shabby right now course. if you look outside at rivergate a lot of blue skies no rain. maybe a couple sprinkles. but not many. and this is a very pleasant evening in store. temperatures right now are still hot. 91 today in sarasota. a lot of heat. the dew point comfortable. the comparatively have in store this weekend, when the dew point's will be done the middle 50s. and, conditions on saturday morning and and beautiful fall weather. and, mother nature just teases us with this. and, we are in it. >> no.
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upper 80s right now. and, they have been little gusty. and pretty refreshing. and like i said, we hit 89 and that's one shy of 90. and, normally we should top out at about 84. this can show you how unusually warm it can be a. 85, in sarasota has cleared off. -- cooled off. satellite complexing east-west pattern. we have had that for weeks on end. but as we go through october, and into november the air is drier. so that means that the rain chances are much lower. and, if it was summertime we could count on the storms. and, that's not the case all week. in spite of and east-west flow, nothing more than maybe an isolated shower. and in fact our next year's of
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till friday. it's was going to bring us those changes. another 11 rain to middle to upper 80s. 87 brooksville, polk county from barto over towards avon park same thing in highlands county. right back to breed and 10. there is the beginning of the cooler air dropping down into the planes. and i want you to see the jet stream. that means cooler air makes it into florida. and, enjoy are two days of cooler air. by the middle of next week we are right back into seasonal temperatures. -- water temperature is 80. if you're going to the beach tomorrow it's another beautiful day. and hour by hour mostly clear. a very pleasant evening for a
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tomorrow morning looks good. and here's a look at your forecast. rain chances below 10% until friday. that part comes in on friday. then, there's the good news. upper 70s to near 80. morning lows in the 50s. thank you. an update now as a pregnant manatee massachusetts is that the world. -- veterinarians hope to get her healthy and released her back into the wild. still to come, a man pulled from a chimney.
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have some video posted to take a look at.
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out of the chimney. the reason he got stuck is he locked himself out of his health -- house. he was stuck there for four hours before someone heard him yelling. officials say that his feet were touching the floor. that's how far he got. luckily, he was not hurt. >> i don't know what to do with that. and, a consumer alert. imam is furious with walmart sa pillow. she said her child began come -- began complaining. as soon as they got to the register they weren't even home, her legs recover in bytes. >> he looked at her legs and was like my god. he put it back on my card. >> will maetzold they are taking it seriously and they have a team inspecting the
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the woman wants everyone to be aware of items is ashley pillows not in packaging -- especially pillows not in packaging. and, dorothy's slippers are in need of a facelift. they need $200,000 to save the slippers. they were born i judy garland in the 1939 film. -- warren -- worn by judy garland in the film down the drain, a hillsborough county contractor is locked up. tonight coffee break down what you as a consumer to protect yourself this think a clean driving record will get a better auto insurance rates?
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vulnerable victims. they just busted a man for charging thousands in exchange for bad work. the problems they say he made worse. by the victims never saw it coming and the things that you should do to protect yourself some of the major break. the man behind a deadly hit and run.
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polk county deputies just resting a well-known banker accusing him of running over and killing a 70-year-old woman. >> they say that he tried to cover up the dent in his truck they crashing it the second time. >> jarvis can direct -- kendrick is the man who struck and killed janice joy of the road. >> it is an arrest sure to stop. then, a senior vice president of the credit union a man so beloved by his coworkers that he was named in emerging leader by the local paper. >> you not only fled but he went through an elaborate scheme to hide the damage on his vehicle.


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